Season Recap 2014

Now that the season is over, I was able to perform an autopsy on my ability to pick games. There were some interesting trends that are very encouraging and some evidence on which to build a successful long-term strategy for picking games with a high degree of accuracy. This was indeed great news to discover! […]

Week 16 Recap

This was my third week in a row with a winning record of 4-3. The Lions had about a dozen chances to cover in their game, which would have given me my best week of the season. I may have to make more bets than what I’m comfortable with the last week of the season […]

Week 15 Recap

I produced another winning record this week of 3-2-1. The bet on the Browns was an emotional one and clearly a mistake. Despite this error, there is still time for me to pull even to a .500 record for the season in these last two weeks. WINS (W) Minnesota Vikings 14 Detroit Lions 16 Minnesota […]

Week 14 Recap

So close to a 5-0 or 4-1 record. As it was, I ended up 3-2 bringing my overall season winning percentage to 45.8%. This crucial stat is slowly trending back up after an early season skid.  Below is a quick summary of each game from last week. WINS (W) New York Giants 36 Tennessee Titans […]

Week 13 Recap

This last week marked the 4th straight .500 weekly record.  Not what I want but also not terrible.  I’ll keep plugging away with weekly picks for the last quarter of the season and hope to bump my overall record up over .500 by the end of the year.  Below is last weeks autopsy. WINS (W) […]

Week 12 Recap

We are still working through sizing issues for the logo across the top of the website. I hope to have it resolved by week 14. It’s going to look super cool when it’s set right! As far as last week’s picks, I managed a third consecutive .500 week (3 wins and 3 losses). A couple […]

Week 11 Recap

I turned in another .500 record last week – two wins and two losses. I’m hoping for my first perfect week with no losses this week. It will happen eventually. My apologies for the oversized logo currently on the site. We are working out some technical issues with the image sizing. Good luck out there […]

Week 10 Recap

I went a mediocre 2-2 this week. In my two wins, the favorites dominated as I expected and discussed last week. My two loses involve the Steelers game and Eagles game. I think the Pittsburgh result surprised everybody. Despite their atrocious performance they were still in the game late. My other loss was a bad […]

Week 9 Recap

From the department of More-is-Less, I landed a record of 3-1 this week. A much needed improvement from my previous three weeks. I’ll need to maintain this level of accuracy for the rest of the year to gain any creditability. On a side note, bloody mary’s are my favorite tailgating drink this time of year. […]

Week 8 Recap

There is truly something special happening here. I am 2-13 in my last three weeks. That is nearly impossible and a sign from another realm. A sign to keep picking games like I’m the best handicapper in the world. It makes no sense, but, dammit, I have a website that needs content! For real, though, […]