Week 12 Recap

Week 12 Recap

My winning percentage has fallen off the last couple weeks.  I’ll work hard to regain my earlier season form, but it will require some more diligent working in watching games and staying up to date with new articles.  Below are my lessons learned from last week.


(W) Oakland Raiders 24 Tennessee Titans 21

In my lone win this week, I took the Raiders to cover a 1 1/2 point spread in their favor.  It took a last minute defensive effort but a win is a win.


(L) St. Louis Rams 7 Cincinnati Bengals 31

Hugh Jackson proved me wrong and the Bengals covered a 9 point spread in their favor.  The Rams are trending way down.  It may be due to the quarterback instability and underperformance.  It could be the Jeff Fisher is losing his team.  I don’t know, but I won’t be putting anymore faith the Rams for the rest of the season.

L) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12 Indianapolis Colts 25

This was a loss from taking the Buccaneers to beat a 2 1/2 point spread against.  The new offensive coordinator for the Colts seems to be fitting well into his new role.  What a strange season for the Colts.  The still make the playoffs and be capable of advance a round or two.

L) Pittsburgh Steelers 30 Seattle Seahawks 39

I lost here by taking the Steelers to beat a 3 1/2 point spread against them.  They almost did but an injury to Ben Roethlisberger ended a late rally and killed any chance to beat the spread.  For their part, the Seahawks played great…better than I expected against the Steelers defense, anyway.  Good for them.  It looks sustainable, also, since the offense isn’t revolving around Russell Wilson’s improvisational play as much.