NFL Picks Week 11

Games being played November 22, 2015 The spreads and over/under’s were taken from on November 19, 2015. Welp, it’s my birthday this Sunday, and you must know what that means, right?  THE FIRST EVER PICKS BONANZA!!!!  I’ll be traveling to Windsor, Ontario where sports betting is legal.  I don’t have a lot of money […]

Week 10 Recap

Last weekend, I posted a 2-2 record.  I predicted two games against the spread perfectly.  One of the losses was close, and probably should have gone my way.  The other loss was a terrible bet on Peyton Manning and the Broncos.  It would have helped to have information about his torn foot ligament.  Such is […]

Week 8 Recap

I dropped 3 out of 5 games this week and finished with a disappointing weekly winning percentage of 40%.  I may be getting a little lazy with watching my games.  I try to go back and watch almost all of the games in addition to other research but only got to about half last week. […]

NFL Week 5 Picks

Games being played October 2 – October 6 There are games that seem ripe for the picking this week.  Vegas is amazing at setting accurate betting lines, but sometimes they set the lines for reasons relating to fan betting tendencies and their popular believes.  There seems to be a few games that fit that criteria […]

Week 3 Recap

Not my proudest week as I finished with 2 wins and 3 losses (40% accuracy). NFL games are always full of drama and intrigue. Having a wager on a game can bring tension to a boil. Even though I suffered more losses than I would like in this weeks predictions, they were close games and […]

NFL Picks Week 3

Games being played September 18 – September 22 Many of the games that I took this week are product of uncertainty in other games. For example, how will not having Burfict affect the Bengals defense? How can I trust anything I’ve seen so far from either the Packers or the Lions in this tough divisional […]