Week 9 Recap

I posted a 75% winning percentage this week going 3-1.  Below is a quick recap of the games for which I made predictions. WINS (W) Jacksonville Jaguars 23 New York Jets 28 I got the win by taking the Jags to beat the 7 1/2 point spread against them.  It was close but they pulled […]

Week 7 Recap

I stayed hot this week going 3-1 and pushing my winning percentage to 59.4% for the year.  If I continue on this pace, I will have to reconsider my career options.  How dope would it be to lounge by a Las Vegas swimming pool for most of the year?  That’s rhetorical.  It would be bliss. […]

Week 6 Recap

Ouch. I knew I would have bad weeks but this was ridiculous.  Zero wins in 5 games. There was only a 2.2% chance of that happening given the way I was picking games up to this point in the season. To make matters worse, I made my first visit to a sports book in Windsor, […]

NFL Picks Week 6

Games being played October 9 – October 13 I just got done posting my Week 5 Recap article, yesterday. In it, I explain that I am 60% accurate in picks involving the spread and 37.5% accurate in picks on the over/under. So, of course, 2 of the 5 games I’ve picked this week are over/under’s. […]

Week 4 Recap

This week was all most a watershed moment in my quest to become a predictions juggernaut. After the early games I was 3-1 and the afternoon games were looking promising at first. The week ended all right at 4-2-1, notching my first push of the season. This week’s total brings my winning percentage to 54.5% […]