Week 8 Recap

I dropped 3 out of 5 games this week and finished with a disappointing weekly winning percentage of 40%.  I may be getting a little lazy with watching my games.  I try to go back and watch almost all of the games in addition to other research but only got to about half last week. […]

NFL Picks Week 1

Games being played September 10-14, 2015 The spreads and over/under’s were taken from the MGM Grand Sportsbook as reported by www.vegasinsider.com on September 8, 2015. I’m excited as hell that the season starts this week! Not just to watch the games and cheer on my Browns but also to write these articles. I really enjoy […]

NFL Picks Week 10

Games being played November 6 – November 10, 2014 I had a decent week going 3-1 on my picks.  This week presents an interesting challenge.  Either the games are between teams with solid defense match-ups or between teams in which one is heavily favored.  I tended to side with teams that are the heavy favorites […]

Week 6 Recap

Ouch. I knew I would have bad weeks but this was ridiculous.  Zero wins in 5 games. There was only a 2.2% chance of that happening given the way I was picking games up to this point in the season. To make matters worse, I made my first visit to a sports book in Windsor, […]

NFL Picks Week 6

Games being played October 9 – October 13 I just got done posting my Week 5 Recap article, yesterday. In it, I explain that I am 60% accurate in picks involving the spread and 37.5% accurate in picks on the over/under. So, of course, 2 of the 5 games I’ve picked this week are over/under’s. […]