Minnesota Vikings 2014 Season Predictions

The Vikings have a shinny new coaching staff heading into 2014. Well respected and fiery Mike Zimmer is the new head coach bringing an emphasis on defense. Highly heralded Norv Turner takes over as Offensive Coordinator. Zimmer was able to work wonders in Cincinnati with no name players and cast offs. He will need to […]

Detroit Lions 2014 Season Predictions

At one point last year, I was sure the Lions were heading to the playoffs and potentially to a Conference Championship game. They subsequently closed the season by losing their last 6 of 7 games. Many of those losses were extremely close and one was a fluke game against the Eagles during a blizzard. As […]

Chicago Bears 2014 Season Predictions

Everything in Chicago will be fine if they can fix their defense as quickly as they fixed their offensive line last year.  However, that is unlikely to happen this year.  There are more holes on this defense than draft picks with which to work. Briggs and Anderson are quality linebackers but are aging.  Jared Allen has […]

Green Bay Packers 2014 Season Predictions

As is the luxury of having a true franchise, all-world, potential MVP of the league QB, the Packers are in good position heading into 2014.  They have an entire draft, free agency, and $30 something million in cap space to fix their defense.  They’ve already taken a huge step in that direction by singing Julius […]