New York Giants 2014 Season Predictions

Last year was pretty bad for Eli.  The Giants are going to stick with him and hope a new offensive system focusing on timing routes will help the younger Manning get back on track.  The problem with this approach is that the some of the offensive line and wide receivers are new.  It usually takes […]

Washington Redskins 2014 Season Predictions

Much is new for the Redskins this year; New coach, new offensive system and some new players. Consequently, much is unknown for the team. Anytime there is a reboot for a franchise it usually goes really well or incredibly bad in most cases. Rarely do things stay the same. It’s always difficult to figure out […]

Philadelphia Eagles 2014 Season Predictions

Chip Kelly is an inventive coach who makes his team better. More than his scheme is the way he prepares and organizes his players that makes him a good coach. Like Pete Carroll, Chip Kelly has infused his team with high competitive energy. This inherently gives the Eagles an edge over other teams most weeks. I’m […]

Dallas Cowboys 2014 Season Predictions

Tony Romo is an experienced quarterback who makes great plays every game and occasionally a few bad plays. A lot of teams would trade multiple first round picks to get a quarterback like that. Some teams would go from being average to super bowl contender. Despite being a good team, the Cowboys are not a […]