Buffalo Bills 2014 Season Predictions

Doug Marrone was a peculiar hire last year. He doesn’t have a lot of NFL coaching experience. Most of his coaching experience is at the collegiate level. What’s more strange than hiring an obscure college coach is that the Bills hired one that doesn’t have a winning record: 25-25 at Syracuse with an 11-17 conference […]

Miami Dolphins 2014 Season Predictions

The Dolphins are a good team. They’ve added quality players through the draft and free agency over the last couple of years. I’m especially interested to see how Knowshon Moreno and Dion Jordon play. I expect big things from both. The talent level on this team is playoff quality. Whether or not the coaching staff […]

New York Jets 2014 Season Predictions

It would appear that the Jets are sticking with the same formula they’ve used since Rex Ryan has become their Head Coach: run the ball, play good defense, and be unrealistically cocky. It worked great the first few years resulting in two Conference Championship appearances. Reflecting back on those seasons, though, it seemed gimmicky. Not […]

New England Patriots 2014 Season Predictions

Are the Patriots slowly fading into the twilight of a dynasty? Or are they set for another run at multiple titles? Tom Brady is 37 years old.  However, he still preforms at a high level and has the athletic ability of someone much younger. Last year, New England had two rookie Wide Receivers, a first […]