Week 12 Recap

My winning percentage has fallen off the last couple weeks.  I’ll work hard to regain my earlier season form, but it will require some more diligent working in watching games and staying up to date with new articles.  Below are my lessons learned from last week. WINS (W) Oakland Raiders 24 Tennessee Titans 21 In my […]

Week 11 Recap

The first annual Pick Bonanza didn’t go they way I had hoped (5-7).  I made money from slot machines and table games but nothing from sports betting.  For awhile in the fourth quarter of the 1:00 PM games, I had a six game parlay hitting.  The experience was entertaining and fun.  Next year’s trip to […]

Week 10 Recap

Last weekend, I posted a 2-2 record.  I predicted two games against the spread perfectly.  One of the losses was close, and probably should have gone my way.  The other loss was a terrible bet on Peyton Manning and the Broncos.  It would have helped to have information about his torn foot ligament.  Such is […]

Week 9 Recap

I posted a 75% winning percentage this week going 3-1.  Below is a quick recap of the games for which I made predictions. WINS (W) Jacksonville Jaguars 23 New York Jets 28 I got the win by taking the Jags to beat the 7 1/2 point spread against them.  It was close but they pulled […]

Week 8 Recap

I dropped 3 out of 5 games this week and finished with a disappointing weekly winning percentage of 40%.  I may be getting a little lazy with watching my games.  I try to go back and watch almost all of the games in addition to other research but only got to about half last week. […]

Week 7 Recap

I stayed hot this week going 3-1 and pushing my winning percentage to 59.4% for the year.  If I continue on this pace, I will have to reconsider my career options.  How dope would it be to lounge by a Las Vegas swimming pool for most of the year?  That’s rhetorical.  It would be bliss. […]

Week 6 Recap

Playing a season high 7 games payed off for me this week as I went 6-2-1.  This brings my season winning percentage up to 57%.  It could have been better if I would have stayed away from the over/under’s like I’d promised myself.  Regardless, I feel good about my progress since launching this site last […]

Week 5 Recap

Last week I went 2-2 bringing my season winning percentage to 54.5%.  I really missed on the Saints v Eagles game.  It may be that the Eagles are turning the corner.  They certainly have a better defense than what I had believe.  The other game I missed was the Rams v Packers.  The Rams had […]

Week 4 Recap

Back-to-back weeks of a 4-1 record!  I’m the greatest sports bettor alive!!!  Okay, alright.  I understand the Law of Large Numbers and this may be the universe granting me a few good weeks to even the score.  However, going back to last year, I’ve posted close to double digits weeks of .500 or better.  I […]

Week 3 Recap

Uh-huh!  We bad.  I got the ship righted and posted a solid 4-1 record this week.  Here is a quick recap of the games.  This recap article will be short, since I can’t wait to get the picks this week! WINS (W) Atlanta Falcons 39 Dallas Cowboys 28 Atlanta got me the win by covering […]