Week 10 Recap

PeytonManningLast weekend, I posted a 2-2 record.  I predicted two games against the spread perfectly.  One of the losses was close, and probably should have gone my way.  The other loss was a terrible bet on Peyton Manning and the Broncos.  It would have helped to have information about his torn foot ligament.  Such is the world of sports betting.  Below is an additional recap of each game.


(W) Carolina Panthers 27 Tennessee Titans 10

I called this game perfectly last week – predicting a Carolina blow out in my Week 10 Picks article.  The Panthers defense was too much for the Titans and their pedestrian rookie quarterback.  They easily covered the 4 1/2 point spread in their favor.  Ken Whisenhunt may not be a hall of fame coach, or even good enough to make the playoffs regularly, but he was doing a good job developing Marcus Mariota.  I trust Mike Mularkey less.  I expect Mariota to regress for the rest of the season, which is unfortunate.

(W) Houston Texans 10 Cincinnati Bengals 6

I got this win betting that the Bengals would not cover the 10 1/2 point spread in their favor.  The Texans did me one better by winning the game outright.  Bengals fans were hoping bad Dalton was in the rear view mirror.  He still may be as the Texans aren’t nearly as bad defensively as they’ve shown at times this year.  The Bengals have strong coaches so they should be okay and may even win a playoff game this year.  As for the Texans, I think this win will catapult them to winning the AFC South even if they are without Brian Hoyer next week due to a concussion.    


(L) Dallas Cowboys 6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10

This game was tough and a defensive battle as expected.  However, the Cowboys didn’t score nearly as many points as I thought, nor could they close out this low scoring affair.  In the closing minutes, they failed to convert a 3 down and 1 yard to go for a game sealing first down, and failed to stop Jameis Winston from getting the game winning touchdown.  It was disappointing.  I feel ya’ Cowboy fans.

(L) Kansas City Chiefs 29 Denver Broncos 13

I lost this game badly, predicting that the Broncos would cover a 4 1/2 point spread.  They didn’t.  Peyton Manning was apparently suffering from a torn plantar fascia (foot ligament), which never was disclosed on an injury report.  Still, I should have guessed based on his poor performance the week before in Indianapolis.  I don’t think anyone saw interception inception happening, though.

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