Week 9 Recap

JacksonvilleJaguarsI posted a 75% winning percentage this week going 3-1.  Below is a quick recap of the games for which I made predictions.


(W) Jacksonville Jaguars 23 New York Jets 28

I got the win by taking the Jags to beat the 7 1/2 point spread against them.  It was close but they pulled it out in the end.  I’m perplexed by Jacksonville.  They should be better but some how regularly blown out of games against teams that are – or at least should be – their equal.  The Jets, too, are a little tough to figure out.  They played well at the beginning of the season but have steadily looked worse every week since week 4.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m lucky to have won this game.

(W) Philadelphia Eagles 33 Dallas Cowboys 27

The Eagles covered a 2 1/2 point spread giving me the win.  This was a close game with the Eagles sealing the win in overtime.  I was a little surprised that Dallas moved the ball and scored as easily as they did.  The Eagles defense has been great this year.  There could be a number of factors that played into this.  Dallas’ running game could be dangerous enough that it opens up offensive options most quarterbacks can exploit.  Even Matt Cassel.  Divisional familiarity could be a factor, also.  It’s probably some combination of both.  Whatever the deal, I’m surprised Dallas hasn’t been able to get at least one win during Romo’s absence.

(W) Chicago Bears 22 San Diego Chargers 19

The Bears were a 4 point underdog in this game, and I saw that as a safe bet.  The Bears have been steady if outmanned and the Chargers are offensively depleted due to injuries.  The Bears ended up winning the game securing the win for me.  The Chargers suffered more injuries making their prospects for future success this season even more precarious.  I respect Phillip Rivers as a quarterback despite his cry-baby posture and quirky delivery.  He still needs someone to throw to if he is going to be successful.     


(L) St. Louis Rams 18 Minnesota Vikings 21

This game was lost by taking the Rams and 2 points.  Thy were close and at times looked like they were going to win.  It didn’t happen and the lesson of not taking the Rams on the road was reinforced.  Damn the Rams.  If they just had a quarterback, they would be unstoppable.


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