Week 6 Recap

TomBradyPlaying a season high 7 games payed off for me this week as I went 6-2-1.  This brings my season winning percentage up to 57%.  It could have been better if I would have stayed away from the over/under’s like I’d promised myself.  Regardless, I feel good about my progress since launching this site last year.  Losing weeks have become a rarity, and I’m pushing my winning percentage to my target of 60%.  I still haven’t nailed a perfect week, but maybe that’s coming next.


(W) Kansas City Chiefs 10 Minnesota Vikings 16

This game was close as I predicted, and the Vikings got me the win by covering a 3 1/2 point spread.  The Chiefs did a great job stopping Adrian Peterson, but a mostly unknown player, Stefon Diggs came up huge.  The Chiefs look miserable on offense, and now, they’ll be without starting receiver Jeremey Maclin for at least a week.  It won’t get any easier against the Steelers in week 7.

(W) Houston Texans 31 Jacksonville Jaguars 20

This game was close throughout, but I got the win as the Texans broke out offensively late.  They easily beat the spread of 1 point against them as the Jaguars had no answer for DeAndre Hopkins.

(W) Miami Dolphins 38 Tennessee Titans 10

Poor Titans.  The Dolphins looked nasty as I anticipated and beat a unjustifiable 2 1/2 point spread against them.  It will be difficult to predict how well Miami will play moving forward, though.  Part of last weeks performance could be attributed to the freshness of their new head coach.  The other part of their success could be due to the relative weakness of their opponent.  Neither one of those things will be a constant for the rest of the season.

(W) Denver Broncos 26 Cleveland Browns 23

Cleveland could have easily lost this game by two touchdowns.  Or, they could have won it comfortably.  Everything feels unstable about this team.  I will probably shy away from betting on them for the rest of the year, because it’s hard to always predict when the inevitable season ending implosion will happen.  Nevertheless, they played just well enough to get me the win this week by beating the 4 point spread against them.


(L) Carolina Panthers 27 Seattle Seahawks 23

I thought I learned my lesson about betting on the over/under’s.  This game was lost by betting the Under of 41.  Through, most of the game that looked like a good bet.  Each team was ultra competitive, though, and found ways to put up points despite playing against stout defenses.

(L) Arizona Cardinals 13 Pittsburgh Steelers 25

I severely overestimated Carson Palmers abilities and underestimated the talents of Pittsburgh’s defense.  This was a well deserved loss for me by betting that Arizona would cover a 3 point spread in their favor.  The emergence of Landry Jones was unforeseen, but I’m not using that as an excuse.  This was a bad bet on my part. 


(D) Chicago Bears 34 Detroit Lions 37

Chicago played strong but not quit strong enough to beat the 3 point spread against them.  Detroit showed up in a way that was unexpected, which makes me a little bit leary of betting on games in which they’ll be involved.  I rarely head my own warnings, so I’ll probably be betting against them this week.  [shake my damn leg].

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