Week 3 Recap

JulioJonesUh-huh!  We bad.  I got the ship righted and posted a solid 4-1 record this week.  Here is a quick recap of the games.  This recap article will be short, since I can’t wait to get the picks this week!


(W) Atlanta Falcons 39 Dallas Cowboys 28

Atlanta got me the win by covering a 2-point spread.  This was an exciting back-and-forth game, and Brandon Weeden surprised me with his decision making.  It could be that the game plan was to keep things simple for him with check downs and short throws.  It remains to be seen how he’ll preform if he’s asked to more.  Atlanta looked great again on offense.  Their defense has some holes so they could be involved in 50+ point games every week moving forward.

(W) San Francisco 49ers 7 Arizona Cardinals 47

This win was on Arizona to cover a 6 1/2 point spread.  Arizona simply obliterated the 49ers.  I thought San Francisco was bad but they looked worse than I imagined.  It may not get any better for them either.  Arizona should stay hot as long as Carson Palmer stays healthy.  The Cardinals are slated to get some offensive linemen back at some point this season.  The added reinforcements on the line could further bolster their teams overall production. 

(W) Chicago Bears 0 Seattle Seahawks 26

The pick here was for Seattle to cover a 15 point spread.  In a running theme this week, Chicago limited what they asked of their young back-up quarterback.  Dallas and New Orleans did the same thing.  It worked to limit his mistakes but didn’t really give the Bears any kind of shot to be competitive in this game.  Seattle has struggled to run the ball all year and if Marshawn Lynch is injured, that should continue indefinitely.

(W) Cincinnati Bengals 28 Baltimore Ravens 24

Cincinnati helped me to a win by beating the 2 1/2 point spread against them.  They had to pull it out in the end, but I think there was no question that this game was going to be close.  It remains to be seen how effective Baltimore can be.  Right now, they look like an average team and not much more.  The Bengals continue to be hot and the Chiefs are coming to Cincinnati next week.  I like them in that game already and I don’t even know what the spread is.


(L) Jacksonville Jaguars 17 New England Patriots 51

In my lone loss, I took the Jaguars to beat a 13 1/2  point spread against them.  They didn’t do that and New England looked ruthless.  I’m going to hold off picking any games involving the Jaguars for a little bit.  I’m not sure how bad they are.  I thought they would be better than last year, but right now, they look worse.  That could be the result of playing a Patriots team that is on top of their game.  Or it could be, because they are bad and their quarterback is bad.


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