NFL Picks Week 3

cardinalsGames being played September 27, 2015

The spreads and over/under’s were taken from the MGM Grand Sportsbook as reported by on September 25, 2015.

Last year, I had a stretch of a few weeks that set me back for the whole season.  It started right around Canadian Thanksgiving during my inaugural trip to Windsor, CA for legal sports betting.  This last week reminded me of that because of how bad I lost (1-4) and of how fond I am of Canadian Thanksgiving.  My yearly winning percentage slowly climbed back near .500 by the end of the season after returning stateside.  Hopefully, I can produce a quicker and more convincing turnaround this year.  Happy early Canadian Thanksgiving everybody.

Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots
September 27, 2015
Pick: Jaguars +13 1/2

I’m taking the Jaguars and the points simply because I don’t think that they are all that bad.  I mean, Gus Bradly ain’t no muthafuckin Marty Schottenheimer but he and the Jags can keep up with the Patriots for at least this week.  Jacksonville will surprise with their offensive output and force a couple turnovers on D.

Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys
September 27, 2015
Pick: Falcons -1

I like Atlanta to win this match-up because Dan Quinn is exactly the coach Gus Bradly was billed to be.  Also, the Cowboys will be starting Brandon Weeden at quarterback this week.  It’s insane to think Brandon Weeden and Terrance Williams will be able to keep up with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.  Atlanta will get after Brandon Weeden, forcing a couple turnovers.  Atlanta’s offense puts up an easy 32 points.  

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals
September 27, 2015
Pick: Cardinals -6 1/2 

Despite the 49ers opening week, I don’t think they are a very good team.  Not just because they lost their ass in Pittsburgh, either.  I really thought that they had an incredibly fortunate week against Minnesota during the first week of the season.  What’s the resolve of Colin Kaepernick?  He doesn’t strike me as a quarterback that realizes he has real deficiencies.  I wonder if the team’s mental fortitude isn’t slowly cracking from the weight of this delusion.  Arizona will put up plenty of points to cover the spread – 49ers fans will be disgruntle but hopefully not beat anyone to death.  

Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks
September 27, 2015
Pick: Seahawks -15

I’m predicting the Seahawks to cover a 15-point spread.  That’s a lot but the 12th man will be in full effect.  Jimmy Clausen will be well out of his depth in this game and be flustered into a lot of turnovers like the scrunchy-faced little bitch that he is.  Wow.  What’s the deal with all the weirdly faced Chicago quarterbacks and my irrational hate for them?  Anyway, I feel good enough about the Seahawks’ chances here.  They may cover the spread with defensive touchdowns in this game.

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens
September 27, 2015
Pick: Bengals +2 1/2

I’m a little surprised that the Bengals are an underdog.  Maybe the odds makers think this is the game that Dalton comes crashing back to reality.  The last time I bet on the Bengals it happened.  It was week 9 of the 2013 season and Andy Dalton got embarrassed on national TV by Miami.  I have no evidence, but I think Andy Dalton is an older more mature quarterback.  Plus, Joe Flacco is sponsoring promoted ads on Twitter, and, man, that shit ain’t cool.

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