NFL Picks Week 13

RGIIIGames being played December 6, 2015

The spreads and over/under’s were taken from on December 6, 2015.

Between the holidays and waning interest, I’ve put far less time into watching games and reviewing reliable new sources.  Consequently, my winning percentage has fallen off a bit.  I’m down to 52.5%  overall for the season.  The season has become a bit of a grind for me.  I’ll try to regain my earlier season form, put in the time necessary, and bump my winning percentage up near the target mark of 55% by the end of the season.  Here are my picks this week.

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns
December 6, 2015
Pick: Bengals -9

I love the Browns but they are as bad of a team that you will find in professional sports.  Poorly coached, poorly managed, and mostly talent-less.  This is easy money.  Bengals will beat the snot out of the Browns.  The Browns will take it lying down, because this team gave up on the season back in August.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennesse Titans
December 6, 2015
Pick: Jaguars -2 1/2

The Jaguars are coming on a bit late here in the season.  They have a lot of fight in them for a 4-7 team.  Marcus Mariota has been great as a rookie starting quarterback, but that is about it for the Titans.  Jacksonville’s defense will shut down the Titans giving their offense a chance to run away with this game.

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints
December 6, 2015
Pick: Panthers -6 1/2

I don’t think I’ve lost all year when taking the Panthers.  I know New Orleans plays better at home and this is a divisional game.  The Panthers are just bad as hell.   It might take the Panthers winning the Super Bowl before everyone fully recognizes how dominate and good this team is.  They’ve been getting a good share of publicity and recognition but it’s seems like it is of the back-page variety.  Even with the MVP discussion.  Cam Newton is a unique player and no one could run that offense as effectively as he does.  His team is undefeated and maybe the best in the NFL.  No way is he a distant second to anyone for the MVP award.

Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots
December 6, 2015
Pick: Patriots -8

I don’t think the Lions just caught the Eagles by surprise on Thanksgiving or that they had an anomalous game.  The Lions beat the Eagles ass because the Eagles are not very good.  The struggle on offense.  Have all season.  Despite have a solid defensive front, they struggle in the secondary.  Teams have figured out how to beat them and they are not equipped to changed tact mid-season.  They don’t have the talent and they’re system this point is about schematic variety.  The Patriots are certainly a team that can take advantage of a predictable talent-challenged team.

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